IDTA Dance Teacher Training

IDTA Dance Teacher Training

Training is available with our Principal Peter Bailey, who is a Fellow and Examiner with the IDTA to become a fully qualified teacher gaining an international recognized teaching qualification.


We are able to offer training in the following styles of dance


  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Old Time / Sequence
  • Freestyle
  • Street Dance
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Argentine Tango
  • Salsa
  • Cheerleading
  • Line Dancing


Please contact us for more details

For more information on any of our classes

07742 104 405

IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association)

The International Dance Teachers’ Association is one of the world’s largest examination boards, covering the full spectrum of dance examinations.


As a leading dance qualifications body and membership association for professional dance teachers, with over 6000 members in over 55 countries, the IDTA define standards across the widest variety of dance forms, examine performance for both professionals and non-professionals of all ages, develop the skills and professional practice for members and promote the love of dance across a dynamic, global community

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Teaching Qualifications

Professional qualifications are gained through the IDTA, one of the examining boards recognized by the British Dance Council. The qualifications for each dance style are split into four different levels


This is the first examination available with an examining bodies and is taken by a student who is training to become a teacher of dancing. It is NOT a qualification to teach dancing. Holders of a Pre-associate must work under the supervision of a qualified teacher if they were permitted to give instruction in a dance school.


This is the first actual qualification for a teacher of dancing. Teachers who have qualified to this level will often still work under supervision and continue their studies.


For continued professional development candidates may progress to the Licentiate, level examination. This examination can only be taken after a further period of study, the time period being determined by the examination body. This time period must be of sufficient duration to enable the qualifying teacher to have gained the necessary experience and wider knowledge required for the new level.


A further period of study and teaching experience is necessary before teachers can attempt to qualify at Fellowship level. The training for this examination is more intensive and teachers attaining this level are expected to be capable of training other teachers. For those holding the Fellowship qualification there is the possibility of progressing to being appointed an examiner within their teacher organization.

Contact us for more details.

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